Possibilities scammer


Check out this awesome item I found on Gameflip: $100.00 Amazon. https://gameflip.com/item/02cc69df-fc02-4d86-8c5a-c9581ad347a1

This guy selling 100 gift cards for 40$ and if you look at his rating only one person been selling to him.
Look like he doing this to get his rating up to scam people.
Both him and the other seller just join gameflip on 25th and 26th of December.

Please look into it before ppl fall for them and steal ppl money

Edit he already got 2 neg feedback in the last 15min


Those persons are scammer beware.


Why do people not think before they buy then they get mad.
It’s a 100$ card for 40$
Not even the big ppl who sell thousands of cards on the site would do more then 15% off a 100$ card

I will people would see a scammer without rushing and buying

People are buying from these ppl and rating them thinking they’re getting a code. I hope the staff banned him/her fast.


yep its either copycats from yesterday or most likely the same people who have a bunch of different accounts ready to go for when any of them get banned. They made at least $1,000 yesterday, looks like gameflip isn’t doing anything about it. Need to track their paypal and get authorities involved.


It takes 3 days after selling to get paid so as long as the staff stop them they will not get the money

Sadly ppl who rated them will lose there money because they rated them


Omg these 2 guys have over 200+ items they’re scamming ppl with.

I hope they staff see this fast.


The “user not found” means that they’re banned. Keep using the report button on these scammers.