Scammers in Gameflip

I am a seller at gameflip for more than a month now and i don’t really understand how the system is working here! The legit buyers that are verified and have a lot of feedbacks and bought alot of cards from me before are being under review now for days when they buy any card till they stopped buying anymore while scammers with no verified accounts or any feedbacks can buy without any problems!!

Also how scammers that registered their accounts one day ago and not verified can sell here?? A lot of buyers here got scammed by them and i am pretty sure they use a trick to be able to sell here and gameflip is doing nothing to stop them and a lot of people stopped buying because of all this!!!

For example this seller:

@MajorTom @DarkKnight


Ahhh I thought this guy was bad news. Wasn’t for sure though. How are they getting around this? It’s crazy how they always find a way.

I think they are all the same person and he keep just registering new accounts and selling while gameflip is busy about updating their feedback system

That seems about right as I seen the guy you posted is selling the same items/pricing as another guy called The Gamer could be him. I just replied on another thread because a guy there is currently having problems redeeming a google play code by this seller the gamer trying to get him to buy more thru an email. He had 0 rep as well. So yeah likely same person. Hopefully Mods can figure it out and stop them.

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I have noticed the same thing and they are always spamming the most popular sections with high values cards and also the under review thing is pretty annoying for buyers and sellers.

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Now he listed 1000$ and he also can comment without being verified. is that a joke!

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@MajorTom Check this man it looks a serious situation. How is this guy able to sell and comment?! also he is asking for outside contact from buyers.

He got banned,
it happens now and then, some people just don’t have a a life and they start doing that
i’m glad that gameflip is handling the situation.

He will create a new account and will do the same again. Hope gameflip can stop him from doing that instead of just banning

i got my account hacked 3-5 hours ago, i got into some phishing site by accident, and the hacker took my e-mail and took my gameflip account too, that’s why i think
but i got the account back and refunded all the costumers.

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Is this happened immediately after messaging a customer at gameflip?

no, look, i got into my email and a saw a notification, it says it’s from gameflip but it wasn’t
it was a phising site that looks exactly like gameflip, so i logged in, as soon as i did that
my email information changed and i couldn’t get on it, also i couldn’t get on gameflip either)
that’s why,
GUYS never click on a phising site ever again.

Oh! I have gameflip emails stared so i can distinguish between them and the phishing ones.

Yeah,…i think i should make a post about this so people don’t get scammed…

Good idea and also mention to not share the gameflip email details with anyone.

He is not banned he just changed his name and removed the 1000$ card
his profile:

Yeah he needs to “chill” in a jail cell

same here , i just recive an link on my mail like ’ hello from gameflip team ’ , thanks for being loyality in gameflip so we are donating 10$ to you , then i just click , my acc is gone and email2 , but i recover everything lol … the motherfucker scammer removed my credit card from acc and post some ■■■■…

Also how this account are able to sell those high values without being verified?

@MajorTom Please investigate this