My experience with gameflip!


I am a seller here for around a year and sold a lot of gift cards now but i want to talk about a few things that are really annoying and i wish if gameflip can fix it.

1- Under Review: I don’t really understand why does gameflip let the new customers to buy the item then asking for verification? Why you don’t ask for verification when the buyer adds the funds to his account not after buying? This is really annoying and i got some of my listing under review for more than a week before getting cancelled and relisting again!

2- Disputes: A lot of new customers with no verified account or a good feedback are buying the item then after redeeming it they open a dispute and gameflip keeps this disputes open for a very long time without solving them and a lot of scammers are taking advantage of this because they know that nothing will happens for them!

3- New Sellers: I have noticed recently that a lot of new accounts that got registered this week with no verified account are spamming the website with fake listing of $100 and 200 gift cards and more than 2k per day and completely disappear from the website and looks like they are registering new accounts next day and doing the same again!

4- Messaging: Would be really great if gameflip messaging works to allow a way to communicate with the customers here because some of them are asking for a special listing and there is no way to communicate with them if i got my all listing sold!

5- Filter: What about an option that allows me to filter the customers i want them to buy from me? Like i want only the verified accounts that can buy or the accounts with score above specific number? I think that would be really great and will prevent a lot of scammers from registering new accounts and buying then opening a dispute!

What about you guys and what you really wish to be available or changed here?

I wish it work for me because i will charge with my paypal i don’t know really it’s my first time to charge with paypal i don’t know about verification.

Someone bought a $30 gift card from me yesterday without a verification but when he bought a $50 gift card from me, I got the order under review for additional verification. I don’t really understand how it works but its annoying for sellers and buyers to ask for verification after buying the item!

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True i agree, but if i charge with my paypal it will work?

Note im from egypt and they dont even accept my card :confused:

You can verify your account in Egypt using the national id not the passport. They accept the Arabic documents.

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I submitted my Visa card photos is that enough?

I don’t know about the payments using the visa card but i know they don’t allow the prepaid cards. Better to verify your account first then add funds using PayPal.

I added funds already but under review…

That’s why i submitted my card photos

What kind if documents they asked from you to get your payment approved?

Visa And Phone bill and ID i already submitted my phone bill they accepted it but still and now i did my card photos

If they accepted your phone bill and your id then your account will be fully verified. If they rejected your visa, then ask them to refund the payment to the card and add it again using PayPal and it will be accepted if your PayPal information matches your account information.

Well if they rejected my payment i will tell them to refund but i already bought with my paypal account That’s kinda weird

they didn’t accept the PayPal payments?

well look at this Status:


they rejected it

no they didnt accept it its weird man

You have vodafone or etsalat?

bro Try to help me i really need it and i can buy alot of card for google play or something from you or steam