Gameflip new scam system seen recently

Hello there… I Have been using the service of buying and selling items since 2018… recently as a seller I have seen multiple tries of users buying listings and immediately put it under dispute and then escalate the issue. Sometimes we as a sellers made the mistake of forgeting a little detail in the description and they are taking advantage of this and buy it just because of that mistake and win the dispute and then they get our listing item for free.

I think that support needs to evaluate the disputes a little but further into details, ask both buyer and seller if there is a way to solve this issue before making a decision and make us lose our item to scammers. I hope this gets fixed soon because is not only me who has been affected with this.


Honestly, I think they will still win. It’s unfortunate.

To stop it you’ll just need to pay more attention to your descriptions and make sure there are no ‘loopholes’.

like what kind of mistakes as unless it’s big one i don’t get it as i do sell here and buy from 2017 but thing like this never happen and we do have about 280-350 sales a month

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Hi Mago6246,

As Aeralo mentioned, just keep an eye on your listings to see if there is any misleading information and you should be fine.

Mistakes such as describing the wrong item, not specifying the correct region restriction, or editing a gift card price on a listing that has a different gift card balance (which generates a new discount tag) usually result in a buyer complaint.

Also, can you send me the transaction ID that was disputed?


Well this didn’t happened to me recently, I just noticed that some scammers (I will call them like that because that’s what they are) are buying items just because they find some missing information or a bad description and immediately start the dispute, I think there has to be a better way, Gameflip has a great guarantee system but it is a bit unbalanced in favor of the buyer, the gameflip guarantee needs to be also for the seller in my opinion. You guys are the experts and I really hope you guys can do something about this!

By the way, someone just bought from me 8 days ago a gift card, he opened a dispute because the gift card asked for a credit card in order to redeem the code, I won the dispute because it was on Microsoft side and not my fault because my code was legit, today he lost the dispute and the code was immediately redeemed, so this is the proof that he was doing this just to get a free code and trying to scam. Can I report him as scammer? He has over 2k reviews and a user since 2017 but he is a scammer by doing this, he even said to me in the comments that he can easily win disputes on gameflip, can I report him?

It is your choice to report him. If you think it’s for a valid reason, go ahead.

Gameflip will then decide the (if) necessary punishments.

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Yeah I think we don’t need that kind of users on gameflip, at least if he gets a warning maybe he won’t do it again. I will do now that I have all the proof necessary to do this, thanks for your help!

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can someone help i sent the item csgo skin but they didnt accept trade and opened dispute then escalated it ?
Profile Code 44UA2A

You mean that you sent the trade but the buyer did not accept/declined trade? If that’s the case, you can just show that in the dispute (screenshot or something) that you sent the trade but it wasn’t accepted/declined. That way, it will show that it is your not fault.

Yes i have done this, is that all i need to do ?

Yes, as long you provide proof in the dispute. You should also cancel the trade since the buyer opened dispute and see how it goes and whether the buyer still wants to buy it or is trolling.

You could also make a ticket to support and also DM MajorTom/DarkKnight along with order ID if you want them to help you check the dispute or something.

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Make a ticket as @Sparkling_Juice said and explain the situation and also add the proof that you sent the item.

I hope it works out in your favour!

I am a seller too but what would you do if you as the buyer buys something and you get a wrong described item? You would get mad too right. So it shouldnt be hard to make sure you list everything accordingly as it is your job! Just saying because you have to understand both sides and in that case you as the seller are wrong! Again i am selling here too but i check everything 5 times before listing it and it never happened to me!

I am also a buyer… the intention of my post is for some scammers sniping listings with missing details. I do agree that some things like not describing the region, the platform or things like that are a deal breaker, but some others aren’t.

Hello @Franz,

I do understand what you mean.

But if you have made a mistake in the listing and the buyer is able to take advantage of it, they will still win because it is incorrect, whether it is a mistake or not. I know it is not ideal but that is how some things work.

I use an API, so my listings are done automatically so there are not any errors.

To avoid any future mistakes, I’d suggest making a default description, keep that in your notes and just copy/paste it into the description.

Contact a moderator and they might be able to give you more info.

Hey @Mago6246,

If you genuinely think this is an issue, contact Gameflip Support.

@Mago6246 As we already mentioned, just keep an eye on your listings to see if there is any misleading information and you should be fine.

Since you didn’t send me any transaction ID or listing ID as an example, I’m closing this topic. If you have any other issues related to this, send me the details via DM so I can investigate further.

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