Listing disputed and canceled by gameflip for mistake purchase by buyer !?

A client buys a item from me, the transaction is at stage that he can see the code and use it. After that he tells me that he purchase the item by mistake of thinking is the full game and wants refund. I told him i cannot refund him for that. After that he rise the dispute and after one day the listing was canceled by gameflip. So what is the deal here he scam me and got the code and you are ok whit that ?!

Order ID


Invate code: 2WYJU3


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Submit a ticket right here
You have properly described your item in description, just ask support why did they cancel it.

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Thanks, i send a ticket there.

I never thought that gameflip dispute team will be lazy and not checking the transaction closely.
I already blocked the user and reported him for that. I hope they make this mistake right.

PS Just for the record i want to exclude @DunnBiscuit he was always super helpful and correct!
Thank you for that!

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I agree with that :smiley:

Just wanted to update all that after the ticket i’ve sent, gameflip responde very fast and restore the amount to my balance and apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for that gameflip support.


That’s nice to hear!

If you need anything else or have questions, please let me know.