Buyer Dispute canceled

So I recently sold a New Digital game code for Mario Aces on the Nintendo switch. Buyer disputed code saying that it had already been redeemed and couldn’t use it. I sent proof to Gameflip showing them that I had sent him the right code. Buyer sent me pictures that when he tried redeeming code he could not also pictures of all the games he had downloaded on his console. Obviously he redeemed the code on another switch or maybe he took the pictures of his games before reeeming. So many ways a buyer can scam a seller by saying this. Today I received received an email that the transaction was canceled and buyer was refunded. I now lost a legit digital code and my money. I have another dispute opened by a buyer saying the exact same thing and sending me the exact same pictures of not being able to redeem. I don’t know what proof I can send to Gameflip so I don’t get scammed for my game code and my money again. Any ideas ? Does Gameflip always favor the buyer if they just send pictures of a code not working ?


My code : KQJR5D

In order to appeal to the support decision, please contact them via ticket here.

Send all the proof you have in this ticket about the code being legit, also if you can send the code’s redemption time will be great as well.

Every dispute is different from the others, perhaps in this case either the buyer sent more evidence to the support team, or you didn’t send evidence enough about the code being valid.

Thank you,.

What is Proof of the code being legit? I have sent pics of the code already and I have already contacted Nintendo Customer service but they won’t give me a redemption time unless I give them the consoles Serial number. I just lost my other sale for the same reason. That’s over $80 lost.


I feel for you. I lost over 200$ to a reputable seller of psn cards. The codes initially were usable but I didnt redeem them. Fast forward 2 days later both 100$ codes were already used and not by me. Gameflip decided the case in sellers favor. I stuck around because the total savings I have had from gameflip still are net positive. I could have gone with charge back but that would have meant my account getting suspended. So my advise for you would be to not keep any codes under auto delivery. Before manually sending them to buyer just record a screen capture where you check if the code is valid and then sending the buyer the code itself. That would be enough evidence to back your claim. Good luck