Easy for scammers!?

The guy buys, after a day, cancels and keeps the code for him !?
Now I don’t even know if he used the code.!


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(nevermind, I see that you are autodelivering codes)

I don’t think the buyer actually got the code. From what I can tell, I think that the buyer wanted to buy your code but something happened to their payment method and it cancelled. That or the buyer disputed it and Gameflip support already sided with the buyer. Check your email and find the email that is related to a cancelled transaction. Also, you can leave the order id and/or profile code here for the mods to check.

a buyer cannot cancel a purchase after receiving the code, it must have been canceled by Gameflip, so the buyer never actually received the code, you shouldn’t worry.


Hello Lusko,

As Oscar_Ha has mentioned, your transaction was canceled before the buyer could receive the code. Feel free to sell the code again.

It was probably canceled since the purchase stoped under review, but the buyer failed to send us the correct evidence to verify his purchase.