Need help as a seller for digital codes

Can the buyer see the digital codes that i send before even completing the transaction?

Is it possible for the buyer to cancel the purchase right after getting the digital code ?

After they get the code they can mark the transaction as not received or product not as described something along those lines ,in that case there will be a dispute between you and the buyer where you both will submit proof to support your claims and the Gameflip team will resolve your issue depending on the proof provided alone

Once the buyer has purchased, they will see the code if it’s an instant code. If the buyer tries to cancel the transaction after receiving the code, there is no way to cancel the transaction unless they contact support or open a dispute.

Okay, good to know. I have experience some issue within this past week alone. 2 buyers purchase 2 codes each on different dates. After sending the codes, they cancelled the transaction, and all 4 codes are marked as used.