Sold code - transaction canceled after dispute.

I thought I had found a good site to get rid of gift cards I had received and didn’t want. Sold a Xbox store card just fine, and even turned around and bought a PSN card with the proceeds without issue.

I listed two Steam cards that I had as automatic delivery listings. I thought, “Cool, I can make back 80% of a card that I don’t need.” They both sold to different users, but were on hold for several days before being automatically canceled because “buyer could not complete.” I would really, really hope that they did not send the codes to these buyers, who have both closed accounts and are no longer visible on the site.

I actually removed both of the listings from active and redeemed one myself to be sure they still worked/to get a recent release on steam. That went smoothly, so I relisted the other code. It sold, but pretty much instantly there was a dispute that it was redeemed and unusable.

I didn’t realize this when using this site, but apparently showing a screenshot of an account that has not redeemed something is good enough to prove your claim. Ok? So what is to stop someone from buying the code and reselling it or giving it to a different account, then trying to redeem it and taking a screencap? Not sure, but I submitted “evidence” (and let’s face it - evidence of what? The scratched off game card? the redemptions of my steam account? What exactly proves that I gave them a code other than what they already have?) via the transaction listing as indicated.

Several days go by with a complaining buyer and no responses from the site or…well anything from the site. I check today and the transaction is canceled, the buyer refunded and a big “FU” to me. Sent in a ticket to support, contacted steam myself, etc to get the ball rolling on this. Frankly, if they had responded to my requests for updates, information, etc on what had happened I could have helped to make my case but nope. Even though this card was a gift, who likes loosing 100 bucks to some ■■■.

I had faith in the site from my two transactions that went perfectly but should have seen it coming I guess. I was told to start a post and notify @DunnBiscuit so here goes. It sure seems that it would be hard to keep scammers at bay but man I had hoped there was some way to talk to steam or something and keep this from happening. It really bums me out how humans are, honestly. Having gone into the BBB to see how things were with the site, I reaaaally should have looked before using Gameflip all.

So, long story short - there is no way for me to prove that I code I sold was unused. I can prove that I did not use it but that is about it. He said, she said sort of deal but I’m out a 100 dollar gift card for no reason. :confused:

Did you try to contact Steam and get that activation date? You can compare the time that the code got activated vs the time it was sold and sent to the buyer. If it was activated after you sold it to him, then things can be in your favor.

Now obviously this is still not a bulletproof way of proving that the seller is legitimate, because any seller could easily activate the code for himself after he sells the item and then saying it was activated after the sale date, but at least it could help a little (assuming the seller isn’t the scammer here).

Attempting to. Doesn’t seem to be as easy as I thought. I would think that the site could have done so before closing the transaction without notice. I have to chuckle at the response on another, swiftly closed thread “No one stole nothing from you, send me a pm and we will talk there.” I’d rather let other folks know the dangers, thanks. Also, @DunnBiscuit what do you call it if someone takes 100 dollars from you without permission? Sounds like stealing.

EDIT: Well the thread was locked and the buyer’s account is gone so that makes me even more anxious about it.

First of all we need to check what happened so there is no need to accusations here.

To start helping you out, I need you to PM me with your invite code and the transaction ID if possible.