Why Payment transaction suddenly cancelled (Reverse)

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Kindly check this transaction that have been suddenly cancelled and payment reversed back to buyer without asking for the proofs from me. This order in the description already stated

Code | Galaxy Lama Spray

Very Rare Bundle that came with Galaxy Promotion
Redeem here : https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/redeem
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Fortnite Llama Galaxy Spray + 1,000 V-Bucks

:warning:This Code is not for Reseller :warning:

You need to redeem the code immediately for safety reason (30mins) Once the code had been sent out. If you cannot redeem it immediately please don’t buy. Thank you

Before I sent out the code I also send the very FIRST message telling him need to redeem immediately (30mins). After nearly 24hours later he opened dispute claims my code used after he had resell/used my code. I have all the screenshot and Screenrecording as a proof before sending out the code to him… If you need the Screenrecording I’ll send it thru email.This Reseller FunMarket have a bad rating regarding used code cannot redeem previous order.Before him I’d sold 2xLlama Galaxy Bundle problem and the those buyers also already rate back (screenshot as attached) Kindly check and get back to me. If you need anything let me knw. Really hate this kind of scammer.

Hello @Marvin_Marvel,

As you can see, the following Gameflip Help Center link states that “the Buyer has 3 days to complete and rate the Seller after the item is delivered. If the Buyer does not complete the transaction within these 3 days, then the system will automatically finalize the transaction and give the Seller a good rating. For the Seller to prompt the system to auto-rate, they must revisit the listing once the 3 days are up. Revisiting the listing means to simply tap on it and a notification should show up”.

In this case, if the code you are selling cannot wait the 3 days the buyer has to complete the transaction, it should not be sold. You have to guarantee that your codes will work, so the buyer can redeem it anytime within those 3 days.

You have to check the TOS before listing or informing that type of incorrect information on your listing.

God Speed! :trident:

Hi Gameflip


As mentioned in before I already stated In the description (You need to redeem the code immediately for safety reason in 30mins, if you cannot redeem it immediately please don’t buy) I already key inside product description and before send out the code i also posted at the message told buyer need to redeem the code immediately for safety reason. In my product details already stated need to redeem the code immediately. Since he already knew why he still insisted to buy? Scam? Kindly check and get back to me. Thank you

So, you bought the code from me, resold it to him, then opened the dispute and let me refund you the money.

I never buy code from you. Your code and my code are not same. Are you selling your Llamalaxy code to FunMarket as well? FunMarket bought LlamaGalaxy Spray Bundle from me and open dispute later claiming my code is used cannot redeem. How about you fun33? Seem to me he is kinda scammer… He is doing this trick to me as well. @DarkKnight kindly check this FunMarket… Scammer Alert!!!


I agree with you. I think he is a scammer(FunMarket)