Cancelling a transaction buyer made in error.


I had a code for sale for an Xbox One code. The buyer purchased it mistakenly thinking it was for steam. I agreed to cancel the order since i confirmed he didn’t use the code.

He tried putting in a dispute but it appears that was denied. I’ve entered a support ticket but it says this might take up to 4 days to resolve and the listing will autoclose if not rated within 72 hours.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


Try opening a dispute through the application on IOS or Android.

The buyer already opened one and it got denied. I didn’t think i could open one as the seller. At least i can’t find it if that is a thing.

As a seller no you can’t. Can you explain how it’s denied by asking the buyer to send a screenshot showing that, that’s weird. First time hearing a dispute can get denied?!

Kindly post your order number here and your invite code so a mod can help as soon as possible

disregard. i figured out how to cancel it via the desktop site. thanks regardless

Can you let me know your ticket number? Even though your issue is resolved we want to make sure there are no underlying bugs that could affect other users. Thanks!


Sorry to bump this old topic but I have another situation where the buyer cant redeem a code I’ve sent and I’m agreeing to cancel the order. I submitted ticket (443781) if someone can take a look.


This issue has been solved via ticket.

:trident: New forum moderators!

@MajorTom Just sent you a message please check it out thanks

So I don’t want to jump to conclusions here but I just checked the code that this buyer swore he couldn’t get to work and it now shows redeemed.

At the end of the day, it’s a less than $2 code but it’s a pretty scummy thing to do regardless.

I submitted ticket (448000) for the user if someone wouldn’t mind taking a look.