Cancel Transaction and get money back?

So I recently bought a Steam game code from a seller. It took a while for them to send the code and noticed it was fishy as they directed me to a website with the code listed on there, but I didn’t think much of it then. I typed the code on Steam to redeem it but it did not work, giving me a “Duplicate Product Error” message and how the code was ready activated. I told the seller this and he posts some generic information on providing screenshots and speaking with Steam support to check to see when that code is activated and if it was before today’s date, they would give a new code.

I did so and am now waiting for Steam support to get back. I also went back and read the neutral and negative reviews of this seller and found quite a handful of reviews stating that the seller sold them used codes, and with some of them not getting refunds/new codes from the seller. So, I escalated the transaction to get reviewed by support, and am now waiting and wondering if there is a way to cancel this and get my money back to buy from someone a bit more, trustworthy and reliable.

Forgot to mention my code and Order ID:

Code: C3JGJQ
Order ID: 78767920-ee2d-484d-ba10-cca88beb3dc7

Since this order has been purchased and he “delivered” it, there is no way for you to cancel. Once you issue the dispute the FIRST time, please ensure you ESCALATE the issue again, otherwise it will auto favor for the seller.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Ah I see, thank you. I’m not sure if I escalated the issue correctly. Just to be sure, escalation happens when the transaction is now flagged as, “Under Dispute Review” correct?

yes, you would put it under dispute… but after that, you need to escalate the issue again.

So update, turns out the code was redeemed RIGHT BEFORE I was able to, an hour before I tried to redeem it according to Steam Support… I think this is in part due to the seller putting the key on and somebody browsing it was able to see the key and redeem it directly for themselves. Or they just decided to outright scam me. I highly doubt the seller will give me a refund or new key, as they stated that if the code was redeemed earlier than October 13th, 2019, then they would do so…

I submitted proper screenshots as well, so I guess Gameflip is my only hope at resolving this… :confused:

Hello MrXDX,

I will further investigate this for you.


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