The dispute for "$20.00 Steam" has been decided

Iam buy code 20$ steam from " TC store " for my 2nd account, and i check its fast ( after puchase ~ 1 - 2 min only ). It said code was redeemed.
I open dispute.

TC said he will contact steam suport to check time of code redeemed, ( and after this mess he not answer me any more )

And today, i recieved notification that dispute for “$20.00 Steam” has been decided,
Here: Gameflip still protect buyer ?

I can contact steam suport for check time that code redeemed , If this code still has been redeemed before my puchase. Gameflip will refund to me?

Order ID: 7fbabe17-d4fe-4ac6-b072-67bbba3d074c

As I checked you didn’t escalate the dispute to the support team so they could check it further, you had 5 days since the answer from the seller (after the dispute was created) to escalate the dispute, but you didn’t do this unfortunately.

Since the transaction is completed, we can’t reverse such transaction. What we can do though is to investigate the seller account if you send us the code information from Steam. (Send me via PM).

Thank you.