Buyer keep insisting that the code isn't working

Hello and good day to all of you, the buyer trying to scam me, the code i was posted to a vault (which automatically redeemable once the buyer paid) which is working before i put it there, he insisting the code didn’t work, (steam gift card), and when im about to check the code it was redeemed into someone else account, I am new to this but i read and search about gameflip before i join, i don’t have much evidence and i don’t want the gameflip mods favors to a scammer (buyer) i don’t have much evidence if that so please, any advice or best thing to do? if you guys let you try to email me the steam support, they will provide only the Time exactly of the redemption not where the code has been redeem (IP addresses etc. ) all i have right now is the cards and the receipt on it, please help

Leave your transaction/order ID and invite code so a moderator can look into it. If you already opened a support ticket then leave that number.


Transaction ID : fbce2ff6-5feb-4827-a2dc-8e1173630f52

Invite code : AT8WVS

Well as far as we’ve talked, the buyer said that he aren’t assure if he’s the one wrong, he emailed the steam support already and waiting to their reply, and i did that too, wanting to know the exact time of code redemption, and once the exact time redemption match the time with his country then he said he will close the dispute, but i don’t want wait that longer, steam support typically reply within 2-3days, so take a look at it please, thank you and have a great day/night


As far as I checked here, your case was solved already, right?

If not, please send me a PM so I can help you further.