We should ban those Scammers

I dont know what it is until they got me, but the steam code cant be used. Please check and help me.I will post more images about those guys

If you click on his profile, it should state the user no longer exists, meaning they have been suspended or banned.

If you purchased something and its not working, open a dispute, provide the information and let the staff team take care of it.

Okay, I get it, I got all my money back anyway, but when I redeemed the steam code, it didnt work, the man who sell it is the verified one but the code had already been redeemed.


@tvh29898 Then don’t accept the order until you get your correct code bro

he said he checked that code already bruh, and he told me to wait for the steam support

Maybe that’s a lie, don’t believe until you check the code and you make sure it’s totally work with you.

It had already been redeemed, i still make thee offer be in “under dispute” status

Soon they will check that for you and ban that scammer i’m sure.

I hope so, thank you bro

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you are very welcome ^^

hey bro, that time they just delete the order, i can nolonger see it right now,my money was still lost. anyway this time I couldnt redeem the 15$ ggplay code right after i received it, im afraid of losing it too. How i can contact the GLHelp?

Open Dispute and attach the screenshots

yeah, i have already done it, i wonder how i could get back something if the dispute goes end

Ensure you escalate it and don’t just leave it at Dispute the first time… basically two times. Otherwise it automatically goes in favor of the seller.

Contact moderator here, @DarkKnight

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i dont understand what u mean, bro. its still under dispute and the seller just does nothing

Yes… There is another option in the same window to escalate the issue after you’ve disputed it.

I’ve resolved it, thank you guys for all of supporting

Hello @tvh29898!

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

Have a great day.

God Speed! :trident: