Gameflip is a scam!!!

I got suspended for no reason, then I wrote them about the problem on august 9, they said reply this if you still have problem, I did. And now its August 22 and they didn’t answer me yet. I lost my freaking 40$, If you dont believe me go check my account: Gevorg Ghukasyan
Plz dont waste your time here!!!

I have 18 good reviews 0 neutral and 0 bad, I wouldn’t be so mad if they fixed it sooner

Same problem and also a friend of mine has the same problem. I am still waiting for a reply. My friend had 120€ on his account :confused: No worries I am sure they will help us.

Same here they said i had dif acc and everythimg and sold prohibited items but really didnt do none of those stuff i sent @dunbiscuit a pm also waiting for a reply i got scammed because someoje falsely filed a dispute and now he used codes and have no money smh

Yeah, I hope too :wink:

Hey @Gevorg_Ghukasyan, please send me your invite code via PM so I can investigate this further.

Thank you!