Hi i need help my account had 400$ and suspended

9skh5k is my code well every time i try to buy stuff i cant its saying account suspended my brother was scamming he told me which is why i think my account got also suspended but i got 416.59$ on myaccount as credit i would like to buy a pair on wheel on gameflip would that be possible to temporary remove the suspension im begging for it plzzz i never scammed anyone i was legit the whole time


Screenshot_2019-06-15-03-28-45 @DunnBiscuit plzzz i really need to buy that wheel im begging for help ill do anything

(…) If it really was your brother and he was using your account… then it would still fall upon you since you’re responsible for the usage of your account. You should check your e-mail because from what I’ve read they send you an e-mail telling the reason for the suspension and when it will be lifted. Make sure you check the spam folder as well!

No he had his own account my acc didnt had any link yo that i was always legit

Got it. But you should check the e-mail because the mods don’t work on weekends here, so unfortunately your plead won’t be read until Monday.

your brother should repay you then, its his fault

Still on my side i was always legit when my brother got banned i laugh at him told him he was dumb doing the transaction details thing i havent done anything wrong the whole time i was on gameflip

Dear moderator plz help me @MajorTom @DarkKnight :hushed::cry:

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