My account was suspended for fraud

@dunnbuscuit i need your help. Invite code Q6VS2A my account was done for fraud but i spoke to the guy who apparently i comminted fraud on on, and he said it was an accident he has made a ticket too. I sold an item at 999.999 and on his screen it said 20.00 and i tried to withdraw it so i could trasnfer him to money back as gameflip take too much away in fees, and you suspended the account so now the money is gone! It took all my money i already had on there and you cant do that! Then my mate said he would sell my items on his account invite code: GDZM2T and you suspended his account to for literally no reason! I dont want you to just reply and say sorry we cant help you as the reason i was suspended was your fault! He didnt mean to pay that much so i tried to withdraw so i could send him the money which he said he was fine with and you ban me on a case of fraud! Im taking legal action on this if i dont get my money back gameflip cant take and ban people for reasons like this. Me and the other guy both agree this was an accident and we want our accounts and moneys back! I need a mod to reply asap