Account suspened please help

@DunnBiscuit @AponeGF @op_JOkEr @system

Heyy all moderates i need serious helo with account you gameflip still havent response to any of my messages and i posted many forums tagged @DunnBiscuit but no reply they said i jad another account which i didnt i used someoje phone to create and i told buyer to release 1st THATS A LIE THESE ALL IS A LIE YOU GUYS CAN EVEN CHECK ALL MY MESSAGES NEVER TOLD BUYER TO RATE 1ST OR ANYTHING BUT ANYWAY HE RANNED OR WITH MY CODES AND THEY WAS ALL CORRECT AND NOW I LOST MONEY AND DIDNT GET MY MONEY. AND I ALSO HAVE BALANCE IN MY ACCOUNT PLEASE STOP CLOSING PPL ACCOUNT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT WITHOUT A LEGIT REASON

REQUEST #: 123024

Hello @Paul_John,

I’m sorry to hear that your account got suspended, but It really doesn’t help to accuse Gameflip of suspending account without legitimate reasons when all suspensions are backed by real evidence and system logs.

I took my time to review your case, but unfortunately the violations I found go against our Terms of Service and guidelines. Therefore, we cannot lift the suspension on your account.