Steam gift card issue want cancel purchased

Hello gameflip,

Have two purchase here:

  1. Two days ago i bought steam gift card from seller in gameflip market. When i try to redeem the code in steam it say the code has been redeemed. And i have request ticket and send all detail required for proof but no respond from gameflip zendesk. So i decide to write here.

My Order ID e14d63e4-c2d2-4f87-8307-dfee2d693f5d

  1. Today i just purchase $20 steam gift card from gameflip market but the seller send me an invalid code. Can you check for me?

My Order ID f117b90a-2045-487a-84f9-4af4d04c98b0

My invite code is TU4K4T


I just answered both of your cases. It is odd that your computer is offiline even though you sent screenshots from a service that you need to be online.

Regardless. Please send the information asked, so I can continue to investigate your case.

Thank you.

No sir my computer is online just my internet a bit slower sometime take long time loading up page. I have sent new screenshot sir.

I just answered your cases.