i dont receive the gift card wallet code and on other sell want cancel gift card

I have two situation here:

1- I have purchase steam gift card but the seller not send me the code.
Order ID : 5bbba448-78d4-468e-9eb8-31f904d95e98

2- I just buy 20 cad gift card for 16 usd at 8 May 2018 but i want cancel my purchased and the gift card are still on hold in gameflip market. I have asked the seller he have no problem with it. Can you check it for me?
Order ID : 9792e2a8-b315-417f-b83f-552c02474d45


My invite code TU4K4T


I checked both your cases and answered them for you.


Alright , Thanks mate !!

Do you mind checking the PM I sent you regarding my two cases? They’ve been open for a few days now.