Bought an item that has been already redeemed

so i bought a steam code, when i tried to redeem it, it says that it has been already redeemed by another person, i opened a dispute, and the seller isn’t responding at all, so i escalate it
and it’s been over 12 hours and still nothing
so please @MajorTom can you check it and help me?
here’s the order ID : b6aa2695-2922-41ea-a15f-444abca6627d

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hey @MajorTom can you please help me with it?

Hello MarioZ,

Could you please contact Steam support using the link below and ask for the redemption date and time of the code? This will really help us in order to further investigate the seller’s listings.

I don’t know how to do that, it’s been like 24 hours since i escalated the dispute
can you please cancel this order, so i can get a refund?

MarioZ, Hello man They can’t help you until you contact the steam support so they make sure that code redeemed by someone else not you, it’s only the way to make it faster, go contact steam support and tell them like @MajorTom told you.

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pa if u don’t provide the info they ask mostly the seller will win the dispute so i would say contact steam right now to got ur money back

Usually, I investigate every piece of information sent by the buyer and seller as we need to be fair with both sides. The stronger the evidence sent, the easier it’s for us to investigate.

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I contacted steam
they haven’t responded still
i’ll wait i guess

It takes like 6 hours to respond to you so no worries at all :blush:

so after i contacted steam
here’s what they said

I think they said you need to take a pic of your code’s card, well you will reply say " but i bought that code from website and it’s ecode so there’s anyway" it would help them to verify it for you.

They can’t help me

Send them screenshots from Gameflip as you just purchased it here and explain that you have only code and you don’t have physical copy.

next time i think you should buy from verified seller it would be great.

this is what they said
so @MajorTom can you please cancel the order for me?
thank you.

Hello MarioZ

This what the seller sent us, a full screenshot showing the code, redemption date and time.

Unfortunately, based on the redemption date and time, we are not able to issue you a refund.