The transactions were cancelled after being completed


I have traded on GameFlip some mothes ago and hadn’t any serious problems but today something very strange happened

Rick James

this guy bought 2*50$ Google play gift cards 6 hours ago and the codes got delivered then he redeemed the codes and completed transactions and i rated him positively

Now I’m checking my account and the money of the two transactions has gone and the the transactions show that they are cancelled and his account doesn’t exist anymore

my invite code is 4KU9ZE

After the seller rate the buyer the sell is complete.

The Seller is required to rate the Buyer to finalize the transaction and when this step is complete, then all sales are final and the Seller automatically receives the funds in their Gameflip account.

The money should be pending on your account.

Lucy :heart:

Please understand me the money has gone after being added


The account you linked
Not Found: User not found or is no longer available!

The picture you link in the 1st post is not a good sign.
That account was made today and now it can’t be found.

I hope that person didn’t do a changed back and then got banned by gameflip.

Once @DunnBiscuit get on they can look into it more using the invite code you give them.

Lucy :heart:

How is that possible ?


i don’t know what’s that for sure but my cards were redeemed and no money in my account !!

I’m not saying that happening. Im just trying to put 2 and 2 together. I could be wrong.

You can PM @DunnBiscuit (Go to there profile and you will see Message) with all this information being they will request this whenever they get on. This would just speed up the answer being once they get on they will read your PM vs reading this post then telling you to PM them the information.

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Looks like that user bought from a other seller too.
You could ask that other seller if they had the same issue.

This was the other seller who James bought from

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Yeah i saw his account in rating

I hope GameFlip moderators fix this ASAP

James try scamming 2pac too.


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How can he do charge back in 1 day? He must be working for paypal. Thats strange

Im not saying they did or didnt do a changed back.
Normally after seller rate someone the full transaction is complete

Im just confused on tbe fact.
• The buying made the account on the 9th
• The buyer cant be found when looking at there profile banned?
• Both seller got the money rated buyer then both items got canceled after and both seller don’t see there money and codes been redeemed

Lucy :heart:

He did a chargd back 100%

I was just assuming that was the reason because I was assuming gameflip has a auto system to banned if they sense a charge back. On top of that user getting banned the same day they make the account.

Yes that alot of me assuming but just makes sense.

Im still trying to learn things about gameflip because I like helping people.

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I mean You are right. They might have banned him because he is new and just bought big amount. But not sure for the refund… if its to paypal then its chargedback, if its through his bank then he called the bank. If its his wallet then idk. Nowadays it gets really tough to sell gift cards unfortunately

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Ok, I got that he is a scammer

why GameFlip took money from me ?

What’s my fault here ?

I’m confused. This the first time I hear of a transaction being completed, then reverse after the seller has rated the buyer.

You’re going to have to wait for @DunnBiscuit / @Tali or you can Submit a request by email.

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This might be next level hacking. I dont know. Just wait for dunn. He will help 100%

The funny thing is that he gave me positive feedback


You will get refunded

We will have to see how gameflip handle it being gameflip or their bank or paypal give the scammer theirs money back then gameflip banned the account after and the scammer got to redeem the gift card on top of all this.

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