Where is my money

I opened a support ticket June 13. Gameflip owes me 44 dollars

What’s your Invite Code?

W1Z6ST, this is getting ridiculous

After looking into PayPal, I see the following withdraw was Completed on Date: Jun 23, 2016 Time: 12:03:10 PDT.

If you are still certain that the money hasn’t been deposited into your account, I’d contact PayPal since everything seems to be fine on our end. If you need anymore information for PayPal to assist you further. Please contact Support and we can give you the Transaction ID # and any other info that’s need for them to look into it for you.

I was talking about my sale that got cancelled after I completed it

I sold something and it had to process for several days, I got the send item email, I sent it then the transaction was cancelled and I got a negative rating and no money. My ticket has been opened since the 13th

OK after further looking into this issue and the situation, I’ve gone ahead and taken care of it. Looks like you may not of marked the Coordinated Transfer as shipped after sending the trade link which still gave the Buyer the possibility to still cancel. I got in contact with Support and should be getting in touch shortly.