Sale took too long

Sale took several days to process. I sent the item as soon as it went through. Then I got an email saying the transaction was cancelled and I received a bad rating and no money.

If you haven’t done so already, please send Support an email so we can look into your account and see exactly what happened.

I’ve emailed pictures showing that he got the item and it is in his inventory, emails telling me to send the item then an hour later cancelling it. Is there anything else I should include?

Is this through Steam then? If so, this has no effect on Gameflip and the funds being transferred. But yes, please attach any screenshots of proof and to help our investigation.

Yes it was through steam. I’ve attached everything I can think of but I didn’t take a screen when payment started processing before the weekend. Once this is cleared up will my automatic negative feedback be cleared?

Once we are able to determine what happened and find that the negative feedback wasn’t due to your fault, we can also delete this.

Ok any estimate on how long before support looks st my issue?

it can take anywhere between 24-72 hours. They have a lot of tickets to go through so make sure your ticket has been sent and you attatched all screenshots to the email. That way the process can go by a bit faster.
Good luck man,