Scammed by buyer need help

Hello, I was selling a in game item to a buyer. I was online when he purchased the item so I saw it right away. I invited him to my game and gave him the item. He left right away and when I went to confirm the item has been sent he cancelled the order. I tried to message him but he blocked my on everything. Thanks I hope this can be resolved.

Please send a ticket to support via this link if you haven’t. -
Include all proof, conversation as well as screenshots of you giving if possible.

This do happen to me sometimes and it is really frustating to deal with it. However, support will settle it fast as long you got the proof.


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Thank you so much I sent a ticket. Will I get a email from them?

But the real question is how did he cancel it when it was purchased?
Was it in ‘Pending’ Mode?

Never give the item unless it is in ‘Puchased’.

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Yes, they do reply quite fast and their support team will send an email based on the email you put in the ticket.

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I’m not sure I saw it said my item has been sold so I invited him and gave him the item and when I went to confirm it had been sent he left the game and the order said it was canceled

Yep, it will say ‘Sold’ but if it is in ‘Pending’ under ‘Sold’, buyer can cancel anytime because technically he has not paid yet.

My advise is that you can click on the ‘Sold’ to see whether it is in ‘Purchased’ or ‘Pending’. Never give an item if it is in ‘Pending’ because it means he has technically not bought the item yet.

Support usually replies in a few hours or up to 1-3 days maximum I guess. They always replied me within a day so hopefully for you too! Rmb to attach all screenshots and proof as well.

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Thanks a lot I will remember that for next time and I appreciate the help.

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Your welcome. :slight_smile:

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