Scammed by someone canceling

I am new to selling items and so I decided to read the “how does Gameflip protect sellers” topic in their help menu. It said that it holds the money in “escrow” and when the transaction is complete it will then give you the money. The paragraph said that the buyer can not retrieve the money until a reasonable time in which he then can cancel. So I get a notification that someone has bought my item and when I traded him the item he quickly canceled the buy and I got scammed. This happaned over a 28 minutes time span. 28 minutes is NOT a reasonable time to be able to cancel a buy. This sight encourages scamming and offers no support to sellers. SELLERS BEWARE THIS CITE IS NOT SECURE.

Buyers aren’t able to cancel a purchase item unless a certain time passes and the seller hasn’t delivered. I think it’s a day after the delivery time. If you marked sent they will have to dispute it. The only time I’ve ever had the option to cancel is when it was still in a pending state just after the purchase or after they failed to deliver in time. Care to link the listing? Was it a comment scam?
Something doesn’t sound right. I’ve sold thousands of items and haven’t ever had this issue.

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That’s not usual. There should be an order id and price information too even if it’s cancelled. Maybe it’s a bug? Very odd.

You should make a ticket or contact if you haven’t already. If you need help from forum moderators then leave your invite code and perhaps that order’s ID.

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