Didn't get item

The seller marked the transaction as complete when I didn’t get my item. I can’t contact seller or find the open dispute so I’m here

Write a ticket to Gameflip. Go to left tab and click on help

Refrain from giving people bad advice, especially when you did the same thing and it didn’t work at all. Gameflip is still a pretty young company that is growing exponentially. There is a very high volume of tickets coming in and they are trying their best to tend to all of them. Although contacting support is a great idea and should be done, if a seller marks an item as shipped, but hasn’t delivered, you should IMMEDIATELY go to the purchase and put it on hold so that the 3 day count down timer stops. Once that timer runs out, like you let it happen, the funds are released to the seller.

There was no option to put on hold. I visited the page multiple times. There was only “had a problem with item I received” and accept and rate buyer. Gameflip responds to messages within DAYS, and the system automatically releases funds in three days? It seems people will find out loopholes. There’s a reason why scamming is so common. When I messaged Gameflip within two ours of purchasing an item they should’ve put a hold on the sale, i shouldn’t have to do anything. There was no option either as I already said.

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Hello @MadDog, there were other options beyond that and you didn’t put the order on hold.

If the order was completed, we can’t issue a refund unfortunately.


I was refunded already buscuit, you clown.

And it was “completed”. So there…Gameflip @@@@ed up.

Like I’ve mentioned to you people I’m 27 and have extensive online sales experience(eBay thousands of transactions, 100% feedback). I looked at the transaction page to cancel and report that I was getting scammed. There are two options that come up: 1)accept item delivery(close transaction right then and funds the seller). AND
2)report problem with item I received (literally sounds like I received it and want to complain).

How about an option that says; DID not receive item in big freaken BOLD letters. It’s a site that welcomes scammers, especially since there’s no age screening. No credit card info needed, or proof of being over 18, or any security measures. The Xbox and video game scammers carry over to it easily.

Oh and by the way, anyone can create 10 accounts or unlimited and just post a bunch of items and report all delivered…I’m sure some of the 10 buyers will fall for it by not “stopping the clock”. There is no option that says “stop clock” or “not received” or “report possible scam”…and writing to support/“customer service” within minutes of buying an item won’t get you an answer until after the time is up and you’re scammed. GENIUS

You can report any user at any moment, by clicking on “Report” on the user’s page.
Also, if you don’t receive your item, you receive a broken item or the code you purchase is invalid you have ways to put it on hold and stop the 3-days countdown, so the purchase won’t auto complete.

For more information, please check our Gameflip Buyer Guarantee:

If you have any other questions, please, contact me directly.