Cancelled Transactions?

Hello! I’m a New seller on this site. Sold an item. The transaction was cancelled. I’m not sure why it was cancelled. The seller said that the transaction was cancelled by gamefip. Not sure what’s up. His money went back into his account and he tried to purchase again. I have had the “Order in being processed” message in my account now for 8 hours saying "Good news, your item has been bought. Please check back in a few minutes."
Can anyone please shed some light on this for me. I love this website and would love to sell some stuff.

Can happen in VERY rare cases. Guess you just had bad luck.
Normally processing lasts about 10 min max.
In rare cases it shows this on a processing item you sold :
But since the seller “failed” to buy the product 2 times, Im pretty sure there is something wrong with his payment.
Just wait, cancel it or contact support. Since no one else can buy it if its processing.

@Ed_Whiting Sorry this happened to you. This is usually caused when there is a problem with the buyer’s payment method such as having insufficient funds in his credit card or when the charge gets rejected by the bank.