Order cancelled by gameflip but transaction still went through.

Recently bought an item. When a wrong code was sent went ahead to hold the transaction. Eventually gameflip cancelled the order (via email), but the time counter kept running. After multiple emails, nothing changed and eventually​ transaction went through. Gameflip kept closing the requests as finished and even asked how was the service.

It’s not a lot of money but leaves a bad taste , am worried to make any high value transactions.

I remember even last time it took couple of days to hold a wrong transaction, may be it’s a bug?

Hmmm, sorry to hear this is happening. I have been using Gameflip for a year and a half now and after almost 2,500 transactions, I haven’t really had a problem. They are a small company growing super fast so they aren’t able to answer immediately sometimes. Have you contacted support explaining this situation?

Thanks for the response. What is another way to contact them apart from the transaction issue route because they aren’t replying.

I will have to understand what happened before I do any other transaction on gameflip.


Update : Transaction is cancelled now. I have also had good experiences with gameflip , 100+ transactions. Perhaps I have to keep an eye out for scammer’s.


Hey @K_F, thanks for letting us know that the transaction was cancelled.

If you still have problems, please, contact us at support@gameflip.com, thanks!