Time of a transaction to be canceled

so yesterday i made a purchase of an item on a visa giftcard which I had to verify but had no way of doing it since i couldn’t access the bank i was wondering how long until a pending transaction cancels out

Hello @zcrxs,

Also, in case your transaction ended up in review, the order is usually cancelled within 24hours from the momento the verification was sent to your email.

Could you please provide me the order code so I could take a look and provide you further details if possible?

God Speed! :trident:

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the problem is that i don’t know where i made the transaction, i made other gameflip account to try and purchase the item but it said i needed to verify it which i couldn’t do because of a visa giftcard, i pressed cancel order everytime it would buy so i don’t know why it charged me would it be more helpful to give you all the accounts i used?