canceling my order

hi there im trying to cancel an order but it wont let me and its still says under review so i wanna cancel my order and when i click on it it says the item is sold so i cant buy it ive sent a couple of emails already not getting aynthing

Hi Garrett, when an order is under review it is going through a verification process. Once this process is done, your order will either go through, or if there was a problem, it will automatically be cancelled.

In the event it is successfully processed and pushes through, kindly ask the seller to cancel it for you. Most sellers would have no problem doing so.

thank you i was just wondering how long the review process takes

No problem! Just passing on knowledge. :slight_smile: From experience, this process can take from a few hours to 3 business days.

really :confused: i was hoping it would be atleast an hour at most

Hey @Garrett_gerndt, usually it takes up to 24 hours to complete this review process. If you want to cancel a purchase you made you can contact the support team at


i canceled it already but thanks and i messaged them lke 3 times and didnt
get a response back

Is it possible to cancel a transaction I made to add funds on my account while it is still under review?
I make two requests for adding $25 because I thought the first one has failed, but it turns out that I accidentally made two requests.
Can you help me cancel one of them?

Hey, can you please send me asap a PM with your invite code so I can help you further?