Hello, i bought an item, and its taking forever on review

Hi, so i bought an item and its really taking for ever for review, i tried adding funds awhile ago it didnt take me awhile for big amounts, but really took forever for the small amounts and cancelled it, and bought the item with credit card for remaining funds, now my excitement is really going down with the waiting time. one of my friends told me to contact a mod named @dunnbiscuit to make stuff quicker i guess, thanks for the help.

Hello, I need more info to check what happened.

Can you send me your invite code via PM, so I can provide you further help?


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I believe this is the invite code, D6KGBN,

Hello, its just that its taking abit of a long time for my purchases to get verified or get replies,I guess gameflip has a long process on first time buyers, usually I get the skins that i buy online in a few minutes, maybe this is just a different experience from me. they sent me 4 steps of instructions for verification.

do i need all identification,phone,debit approved tho?

7 hrs, and its still in progress.

You have to give him time. He can get busy with other things. Check back tomorrow and he might have an answer for you.

Read this link

Hello, I see that you canceled the under review purchases so Iā€™m not able to provide help here.

Please bear in mind that the review process might take up to 48 hours, but we always try complete those reviews as soon as possible.