"Under Review" -need some help

Hey guys, good evning,
I just bought something with my creddit card 2h ago, and i got the “under review” messgage. then i Saw that i can my the proccess faster if ill send to you document verification, so i did. there is i Verify myself by uploading selfie and pics of my id.
I wanted to ask if there is some way that i can make the process faster?
I saw on the site that the process can take a few days.

I would love to get some help.

I would like to know the same. I have been buying on GameFlip since a few months ago, and all the purchases were delivered to me instantly. But since a few days ago all my purchases have been going under review, which is weird. Maybe they are having a lot of problems because of scammers.

f*ck. what can i do now? how much time u vbeen wating until now? im freaking out and only 5h pass LOL

Like 8 hours. If it’s everything okay, they approve the purchase within a day.

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