How long to be purchase-ready and verified?

It’s been 13 greuling hours waiting to pick up all my Titanium White goodies. I’ve submitted and had accepted my credit card selfie as well as my ID selfie. I’ve submitted my cell bill, confirmed phone by code, confirmed email by code.

I’m really just curious about how long I should expect to remain in “Under Review.” Can anyone tell me how long of a wait they experienced?

I should have mentioned, I also connected through Facebook. Being on this forum, I definitely see that there is an issue with scammers - so really, I understand the precautions. But I also bought these items as a congratulations to my IGL teammate, we’ve been grinding hard and he recently hit a rank he’s never been at. 5 divisions up in 11 days of hard work. I thought White Zombas and a White Octane would be really great for him before our Week 1 league play. Never used Gameflip before, though I think it seems like an excellent space. Had no idea it could take this long and I’m worried I won’t receive my items by Saturday morning when we play.

I don’t mean to complain, I just have the day off of work and am so excited to receive the items that I’m just going a bit bonkers. And it really does feel rough to have my ID, my CC, my email, my phone, and my social media verified, but remain under review for some expensive. I know I’m a drop in the bucket, but this review process feels like an eternity.

Let me call on the legend @MajorTom maybe he can help

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Well, thank you for the summon. I don’t want to be a bother and I’m not sure what’s appropriate to ask help for. Some various clauses do say “24 to 48 hours,” while others simply advise “later.” Did you have to go through the verification process? Was it long?

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It was such a long time ago i can’t remember. I just buy on this site I don’t sell. So if your talking about getting the verified check next to your name I do not have that. But i think i do remember the first purchase i made it was like 24hours till it went outta under review and never got held up again using the same card. I think since ive joined they have made it to where you have to go thru more steps for new users to use this site because of all scammers constantly plaguing gameflip like a disease. But long story short should be a day or 2 at max. If major tom sees this post he might can push it through for you. Good luck to you.

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Big ups, he may have seen and intervened. 17 hours and I’m good to go! If anyone ever finds this looking for a time frame, the 24-48 hours may be legit, but it took me 17. Make sure you send in your verification info before they ask, I did and it may have helped. Cheers all.

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Good to hear. Enjoy your stay :sunglasses::facepunch: