23 Hours Under Review. No response.

I’ve been waiting for 23 hours to receive the item I’ve purchased. It’s been Under Review for the last 23 hours and I responded to the email I received, but I am yet to get a reply, confirmation, or anything for them. No response from support either. What’s the deal?

Order # = aa79b1a9-ca7a-4b2c-8aa5-2a3a1b24d87c

Hi, when an item is “Under Review” it can mean a few things, but most commonly it means that your payment is being verified. Once the verification process is complete (24-72 hours), your purchase will go through. This safety measure was put in place to ensure that both the seller and buyer are protected. Gameflip receives hundreds upon hundreds of messages a day so it will take some time for them to respond, but I assure you they are trying to get to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Alright, Neato. Thanks for the reply, I hope it’s gunna be finished sooner than later.
Have a good one.

If your purchases haven’t been approved yet, they will soon. Please note and take into consideration that Support doesn’t work 24/7 and we are also located in the PST zone. These factors will all apply to delayed time frames of unresponsive tickets.