Going on day 3 of Under Review

I have been on Gameflip for 2 weeks now and I’ve done over 60 transactions. I’ve had transactions go to “Review” for the second time now. Nothing has changed on how I purchase items. The oldest item under review is over 24 hours old and I’ve received no email requesting to verify my information/account. Actually it is going on 48 hours and I’ve submitted a ticket. Although I understand that they are seeing a higher volume of tickets, that doesn’t explain why they cannot adhere to their own policy of contacting us for purchases under review within 24 hours. I’m pretty disappointed that this has happened 2x in 2 weeks and now I’m waiting days for this to be addressed.

Although it is good to know they have some type of protection to avoid fraud, those transactions that aren’t fraudulent shouldn’t have to wait days to be addressed. I feel bad for the seller who’s item is frozen until either I cancel my order or Gameflip allows my purchase to go through.

Buyer and Seller beware, this may happen to you.