Customer Complaints regarding "Under Review"

In general i wouldn’t post this but this is getting more and more frustrating everyday. Why are all my sold purchases under review 75% of the time ? I am tired of my customers complaining and calling me a scammer. Please tell me you guys are working on a solution to resolve this problem, if not, it upsets me to say this but I’m going to have to move my business elsewhere.



Yeah it is so annoying for me too . The purchases keep going under review.

i got some problems too . one of my costumer didnt take his money back either. he said he never get his 50 usd back. nowadays something goes wrong with gameflip purchasing

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While i wrote this another two purchases had gone under review, and just checked now they have both been cancelled.

Its part of their whole let me get you to get verified to try to reduce the amount of times this happens so that they can get more of your information, probably to sell, who knows. But it also happens even more while verified… never had a problem buying items until a few months ago. They ramped it up and now basically force everything under review even if its like $5 lol

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This is probably the most frustrated i’ve ever been with Gameflip.

The ‘Under Review’ rule needs to be Reviewed and changed to satisfy our Buyers or els things could get sour for us and for Gameflip. The reason why i’m saying this is because it will literally and i mean LITERALLY affect our livelihood, and Gameflip needs to do something about it.

Mods? Admins?

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I’ve made a post regarding this and the 3 day timer for buyers to complete transaction. They shouldn’t allow anyone to even make a Gameflip profile if being verified is necessary. Make everyone do it up front before they attempt to make a purchase and hold up orders and such. Sadly nothing has been changed or said in regards to everyone’s complaints. Seems they just want our money (fees) but don’t want to provide a proper system.


I agree, this way customers wont harass and insult us. I’m being bombarded with insults, and i am tired of having to explain this to every new customer of mine.

yes we have this problem . ++++samcro

Hello guys,

Thanks for reporting this. We are already assessing the situation, but I don’t have any information that I can share right now. Whenever I do, I’ll let you know.

Please, keep posting any suggestions or comments in this thread, also, if you see other users creating other threads, please direct them here.

I’ll keep reading here while we assess the situation,

Thank you.


Hi my Boss @DunnBiscuit , I sent an email through ticket and also contacted both darkknight and major Tom, about a revoked game by a seller, already provided everything that you just need to make the decision to my favor!

@DunnBiscuit just sent a DM pls can you check it?

You should open a Ticket

Yeah your lucky they didn’t instantly ban you with out review mine happened same way 1 report because I didn’t deliver quick enough item was confirm then I couldn’t send him code had to contact him via twitter to deliver code he knew that it wasn’t delivered thru gf and nobody would take time to review so I get my account banned after i just completed 20 sales of 20$ plus with no problems then my ban happened and nobody is willing to look at the proof I have and gameflip scams me for 250-400