Too long for sale to be still under review...

Its been 12 hours since my item was purchased but i havent received any money it says the buyers payment method is under review. How long until it is all done being purchased and i can use my money.

Can anyone tell me how long this will take or can i cancel and find a new buyer?

This happened to me twice last week. They were under review for a day then automatically got cancelled.

What happened after that? Im new to gameflip and i just think its so much better than ebay or craigslist but i dont get why there is such a long payment process…

u need to wait cuz there r some new buyers need to sumbit the id verification to gameflip , so the purashe will be normal

Im all verified. Is it perhaps the buyer is not verified?

No its just a thing new members have to go thru. Technically it should get faster over time but then again existing members been getting hit with it as of late as well.

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write your concerns regarding the under reviews here.