Under review question

So I looked at my “Sold” and notice a listing is under review. It’s been like that for 35 minutes. I’m just curious as to how long it takes for it to stop being under review as it’s getting late here for me.

Edit: It got cancelled around 3 a.m. est.

On that case, someone bought that item and the buyer that purchased your product/listings is his/her payment under review, that is gameflip security measures for you to prevent fraud/chargeback/dispute on payment that buyer made

Yes, I understand that but I would like to know how long it typically takes to clear up as it’s getting late here. I’m afraid it’ll clear up when I’m asleep lol.

It is up to gameflip how they review it, it will usually take long when gameflip will ask another information to the buyer etc. this happen when buyer using other payment methods that he/she did not use before, as i am a seller also i usually noticed that it will be fine within less than a day or it will automatically cancel if buyer failed to meet the requirements that gameflip asking within 1 day

Alright, thank you for the info.