Need some help from moderators

Hello gameflip team and members!
First time I am posting topic in forum, as I am quite new seller here (less then 2 months).
But during this short time, I have already more than 2k sales and I think most of buyers are happy having deals with me.
But still I have some questions, mainly to moderators:

  1. For how long time purchase can be hold “under review”? I understand, that gameflip has terms about payments and verification, but for example one of my items was purchased, is already 4th day under review. During this time I would sell it already 10x times. That’s quite bad for me as seller, because this way also my funds are “on hold”.

  2. Today I have received 2nd negative, I would like to clear them. I am always in contact with my customers and ready to solve issues. But that’s really strange, when people buy item, do not complete purchase (that’s their choise and gameflip terms, that buyer have 3 days to complete), but when 3 days are gone and purchase is auto-completed, on 4th-7th day they leave negative and I am not able even contact them. They did not start dispute or have contacted me during all this time, so I do not find these negatives earned by me.

I think for now that’s all. Thank you!

  1. Depends on the buyer. If the buyer keeps delaying giving the information needed or keeps giving wrong information, Gameflip cannot process it. If the buyer gives what is required fast, it wouldn’t be that long. It mainly depends on the buyer for your case of 4th day under review.

  2. You can contact Support to have them removed. They will check the bad review to see if it was given without any good reason.