Sold Item Still under review

Hi! i sold an item 7 hours ago but its still pending , the buyer has no reviews whatsoever please help thanks. My invite code is 1B3TDC

You’ll have to wait it out until the review is complete. This is also for your own safety especially if it’s a new buyer.

Precisely however, had the buyer put money into the gameflip wallet then purchased the item , it would have been faster , however new buyers are being verified before being transactions. I believe they might be verifying the buyer’s identity.

Yes correct but most don’t know to load balance onto their account first to get verification and balance out of the way together. But I think game flip is doing a great job so far with the buying process.

Just asking what is the maximum time for a review?

depends on the buyer. If the buyer wants to utilize the purchased item quickly, verification documents from their side shouldn’t take long. The maximum time for a review for a buyer is when they want to provide verification details. The sooner the better. My advice is to post a message to the seller to check the email from gameflip

but i am the seller :sweat_smile:

True but the buyer isn’t reviewed / verified yet.
If in case gameflip didn’t verify and allowed the transaction, later to find out that the buyer disputed on not getting the item or used fraudulent methods to pay would you accept the outcome ?