So my account has been verified for a while now

I added new card to my account that’s attached to my info yet, I still have to wait for it to be approved. Why and what’s point of me being verified?! Can anyone help

Could you inform your profile code here or in a private message to me so I can check this?

C1HNPF I’m not sure how to message on here

Your account is verified so you can sell on Gameflip. It also helps if purchases of funds are put under review.

So how long for the review to pass. Verification should be for both aspects. Selling and buying they go hand and hand.

And I have MANY purchases on here how am I still getting put under review. I have over 50 total transactions I believe via selling and buying. Is there a way to fix this

I have sent you a private message about this, please check and reply when possible.

@Tali i would like some info too on the same please! I’m struggling on the 24+ hours wait time!

Oh I’ve replied to you on the other thread :smiley: