Are there any moderators that can find out why my acct always gets put under review even after sending pics of id via email multiple times

I want to know why i can’t make purchases anymore i have over 150 good rating i buy alot of rl items but cant buy anymore bc always goes under review ive done what you guys ask via email and i will be able to make 1 or 2 purchases and then goes back under review then i have to go through the hole process again of sending you guys pics of me holding id and everything else you guys want me to do its the same thing over and over if you can’t fix permanently then im going to delete the app and find an app that will except the money i work hard for bc this is getting really annoying and frustrating especially when i miss a great deal bc of it plz help or lmk if you can help so i know weather or not to delete this app ty

Did your account get “verified”? You can check by signing into Gameflip and go to Wallet > Verified (

If you have both Identity and credit card verified (the card you actually use for purchase), it doesn’t mean your transactions won’t be reviewed, just that it’s a lot “less likely” to be reviewed.

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