Under review need help

So I bought a item on gameflip and I used a card that I only used once before and now it’s under review is there any way to make the Process Go faster because I need the item ASAP. Thanks!
Order id c4adef73-7d4b-4c96-8a73-0ca214c22e59


Check your mail and confirm your email address, once you’ve done that you should receive an email from Gameflip instructing you on the necessary steps to take, generally they require a special code from your bank.

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Hello @Fire_Gaming,

Sorry for the wait.

In this case, to avoid repeated payment reviews or increase your payment limits for Credit Cards, you need to verify your payment ownership and identity information. Your information will only be used for processing payments and is encrypted on our server. If you are not getting the verification email, you can also verify your account through your Gameflip wallet.

To locate your verification option, you’ll need to go to:
App: Menu > Wallet > Document verification
Website: Menu > Wallet > Verify

Also, after verifying your account, I can see that all you need is your ID to be verified now. Once this is done, the reviews on your purchases should reduce.

God Speed! :trident:

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