How to stop being reviewed?

Hey guys, I’ve bought from here a few times but am looking to start buying more frequently (new job yay). I’ve sent my verification pictures already and don’t see why I’m being flagged always. I travel so time is always appreciated when I make purchases. Any help would be amazing. Currently I have under review 2 game cards and I’m getting ready to leave soon tonight and I don’t want to lose out. Thank you

Hello, you should use Gameflip wallet instead. It takes just few seconds to process.

How’s that work? Adding money to a wallet is quicker than buying a product straight out? Seems like a strange thing to make an extra step. Never really liked the wallet idea since it’s now credits instead but I’ll give it a shot next time I guess. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Yeah I mean load your Gameflip wallet with credits, and after that simply use them to purchase something. You will see them as Cash from added funds, there will be no under review at all.

Actually now that I’ve seen it, funds cannot be withdraw or refunded from the wallet. I’d rather not then.

Btw here’s my code if any mods can help a brother out JGEU3C. May all forunes rain down on my savior. @DunnBiscuit is someone somebody told me to ask about. But anyways thanks guys


I fixed your account so this review process could heppen less, but if you want to avoid this in the future, I suggest you to verify your account.