Why Under Review

Need help item purchased is under review. I have already verify my id so why is this still a problem?

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I have now verified my credit card and i still get under review whats the point of getting my info verify if my purchases are still getting review?

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Hello @OrangeTooth630,

Could you please inform me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

Also, keep in mind that after you verify you still might have an order or a few go under review, but as time goes by and our system recognizes your purchase patterns this should occur less frequently.

Godspeed! :trident:

same for me. whats the point ?

Hello @flip,

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account as well?

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I just requested for a payout and the status is stuck at “needs approval”. Can you please have a look into it?

Profile is XU4B7E

Hello @Jubrilas!

I have verified your payout and can see that it was already approved.

Godspeed! :trident:

Its has been fixed i also wanna change my phone number thats linked since i dont have access to it anymore

To change phone number that’s linked to your Gameflip account , you will need to contact Support as stated (from another topic about changing phone number)

Yes i have done that but the person that reply to my ticket has not replied to since march 9 which is 7days

You will need to provide DarkKnight the ticket ID for DarkKnight to be able to check

hello, my old steam account ( connected with gameflip ) banned on cs:go, and i want buy new skin to my new account but i cant chane my steam account, i have balance on my gf account, can reset my steam connect? @Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight

I can’t help because I am only a forums mod, normal buyer/seller on Gameflip. I don’t think they are able to change/reset linked steam account but I can’t confirm that so you need to ask Support or wait for DarkKnight/other Staff to reply you.

You can always make a ticket to Support first to ask followed by giving DarkKnight the ticket ID or wait for DarkKnight’s reply.

here mu ticket id ; 756247

Hello @xir!

I think you added the wrong ticket here as the subject does not match with what you are asking here.

Could you please double check the ticket number?

In this case, only the Support Team will be able to help out to verify the possibility of removing the connected Steam account, but I could check the ticket for you.

Godspeed! :trident:

I bought a item and I verified my phone bill and my purchase still under review. My invite code is 3B5GQ2

Hi , same problem with me, i verified my card and yet im still under review please i need help urgently as the item i want to buy is limited time.

Hello @Kunal_Gupta2!

As informed in this Help Center article, the Phone Bill verification is not used for purchase reviews:


So if you would like to verify your account for purchases, you need to verify the ID an payment onto your account, as informed

Also, I have verified your account and do not see any orders currently pending.

I hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @Xtreme_BlackMamba!

Could you please provide me the order ID?

Godspeed! :trident: