(ISSUE SOLVED) HELP! My account is fully approved and I can't make a purchase without getting (UNDER REVIEW) Need (DOCUMENT VERIFICATION) !

Hello Gameflip support, My account is fully approved my Id is approved my Phone number is approved and my Credit Card is approved as well, Why I keep getting Under Review every time I make a purchase! I just added $50USD Funds and it says (Under Review) “This transaction was placed on hold for our system to review your payment information” (Document Verification) “Further information about you and your payment are required for Gameflip to review this transaction. If you have already submitted document, check back frequently for an updated status” I need support help to stop this from happening! I can’t give sellers good reviews becasue of this issue always been appearing lately and it takes a delay until I contact the support for every single purchase!

My Profile Code is : DH4XXR … Please Help!

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

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The Issue is solved now! Thank you and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its happened to me for my last 5 purchases… Kind of annoying. Get flagged for review more than ever once I’m verified. lol