Order Under Review, Support is being slow and not effective

For some reason a few weeks ago when I tried to use my credit card (which I can use everywhere with no problem), was declined, my account got suspended, I sent a ticket, my account got unsuspended, I used my card again and same thing, my account got suspended again. I sent another ticket and my account got unsuspended. Tired of this I decided to use my debit card instead of credit and my order was placed Under Review, and ater one day, my order was cancelled even tho:

If you use the app, you dont see anything asking you for any sort of proof (you dont have an option to attach files). luckly enough, I logged in on the computer and I saw the option to attach pictures of my debit card (Which I did), and still my order was cancelled.

I sent a support ticket and I got a generic response from gameflip telling me the same thing as the under review section on the website.

Gameflip has been my favorite website, but I already lost a sale, and now I’m going to lose a good deal I found with a lady from the app, which I’m planning on using for the black friday sale, and everything is being slow, complicated and has become my experience something frustratig and completely annoying.

I’m recurring to the forum because it seems if I dont do it, I will end up missing another sale, since I already tried contacting the facebook page and twitter page with no results.

My invite code is: 4H8LWV

Hello, as far as I checked your purchases, the listings were suspicious enough to be fraudulent.

Unfortunately they were cancelled to your protection. Please bear in mind if the deal is beyond good, something suspicious might come behind it.

The refund process already started, thus you will receive your refund very soon.


I’m sorry but I dont think the problem was pointed on the lady’s side. I also tried purchasing two more items and I got the same message: under review. I already sent pictures of my credit cards.

Ok I just recently purchased from Steam Pumpkin. I’m waiting to see if it works with someone with a reputation like him.

Same exact thing with Steam Pumpkin, my order got under review again…

It seems two orders went through, although it’s been two hours since I made the purchase with steam pumpkin and is still under review.

Does this mean every single purchase I make from now on is going to be under review? What can I do for this? I’ve made more than 40 purchases on gameflip without this inconvenience, what can I do to avoid this?

In order to get your account fully verified, you may send us the photos of your ID (front and back).

When you make a purchase, this kind of information is requested (but it is optional).

Whenever you send this information we will be able to check it and verify your account.