Purchase under review, help appreciated.

My purchases are on hold and i would like to know for how long it will take to recieve my orders. I am looking forward to keep on using this website.

I was told its takes 24 hours for the first time buying something but i don’t know how this help!

Thanks for the info, by yesterday all my purchases that were under review had 24h already, so i am still pretty clueless. Hope i get my stuff soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Your purchase should not be held even if you’re a new user. I think it depends on your situation, which may take longer to review. There’re so many frauds online, so if you misspell or setup profile with suspicious information (e.g. name is John Doe), it will be held longer :slight_smile:

I saw someone posting about this site today on slickdeals and thought I’ll give it a try and placed an order with my paypal account. After a few hours, that order got cancelled without letting me know the exact reason. And then I tried to place another order now and my account is suspended? I feel like this website is just capturing personal information from us.

:o Thanks for the info, its quite pausible that I mispelled something along the way, if its just that then its not too bad (I hope).

Well, my purchases under review are my second and third, first one got through smoothly and the code worked perfectly, so I don’t think the site is fake.

Support just got in contact with me, thank you everyone for the help.

I had mine under review for over 48hours! My account was setup through my own email but the paypal email was a friend of mine where I paid him for the item. They cancelled my funds and now I’m currently still waiting on their response. This site’s support is absolutely garbage!

EDIT: I was a little salty when this happened, I understand that this sites support is working very hard. Thanks for the answers.

If you use “your friend” PayPal account, that’s a huge red flag for fraud! There are so many stolen PayPal accounts out there, so even if your friend really gave you the permission to use it, no companies would want to charge it and face fraud claim, just like no retailers would want to charge someone else credit card for your purchase.

Why would anyone let someone else borrow his/her PayPal account? Setup your own. It takes only minutes.

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Hello @Hen1, as said by @TheFuBar, using a “friend” PayPal account is a red flag for fraud.

Thus the long wait on your answer (the support team was analyzing your information) and probably it is the cause that got your purchase cancelled.

If you use your own PayPal account, the transactions may go smoothly next time.

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I canceled my paypal account a few years ago that uses my gameflip email. I do not know if it will still work. Thanks for info!

I at lost more of 5 sells because the customer cancel the orders because the process of under review take a long time, more of 24hrs, It many time to wait, this is a disrespect to sellers and buyers.

Ive been waiting over 24hrs for my Steam csgo. Even emailed

Hey @Luis_Tiago_Andrighet, I just answered you within the topic you created.

Hey @David_Williamson, can you please send your request number to me so I can check it for you?


It got canceled by gameflip in the end.Bought another copy even cheaper lol.

I’m having the same issue right now it’s so annoying

i keep getting asked to contact support about this. They do doing nothing what so ever.

Hey @David_Williamson,

I asked for the request number, so i could check it for you.
Please send me here if you need any further help.


here look into all of them. They all got cancelled. This happens all the time. ALL I WANT IS AN ANSWER. Why is it every-time i buy something it gets fragged and i have to wait 2 days for it to get cancelled. Support hasn’t told me. Can you? All support tell me is this https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210297418-Why-is-my-purchase-under-review- which still doesn’t answer my question. I’ve bought enough stuff of gameflip to be trusted.